managing director's message

An Academy for Corporate Artists


The Academy of Fine Arts is committed to producing corporate artists suitable for a competitive world and building professional that uplift the corporate needs and services. AFA aims to create an aesthetic environment where the demand is supplied with creative right brain concept thinkers, shapers and movers.

We are talking serious Art for the first time in Sri Lanka.
AFA is where all this and more will happen.

Be a part of a brand new tailor made course that will enable great artistic creations by qualified and experienced professionals who are self-sufficient, well balanced citizens, and productive artists.

"Every time you make a brush stroke, you paint a bit of yourself on the canvas"

The freedom to express creative thinking into constructive concepts that materialize is the Ethos of the academy . Visual freedom is a right of all humanity, Art and design is the manifestation of this freedom.

An Artist needs the right atmosphere, a space to think and work with inspiration and self-confidence encouraged. AFA will provide a creative space where learner becomes professional Artist of many different facets. This concept is new to Sri Lanka, due to main stream education being encouraged and development of aesthetic education being considered a poor choice and also a last resort rather than the realization of a lifelong dream. Today art has overtaken many other fields. Parents are worried when learners select a field that they are un familiar with.Know nothing about, and also forget that our learners are more capable and talented than we imagine. This has created a large vacuum in the corporate world for professional creatives with a set of fine tuned skills. Recognising this desperate need in industries, with an army of extremely talented students, AFA has risen to the challenge of filling this niche and providing highly employable professionals.

Here is a marvelous opportunity to the very talented artist to explore a path that will expand your mind, create a totally capable artist who can do any and everything in the creative scope of visual arts.

"If you want to make any Art, be fearless and make mistakes, make dangerous mistakes, live on the edge, take that risk, make Art, make good Art"

This is a truth in being able to bring out the best in you, bring out your personal identity. An artist who’s creativity can give the industry arty solutions that non other can think of or attempt to work out.

In AFA courses you will develop your visual awareness, practical skill and knowledge of art history and how historically important events, places and people have impacted your life. Being influenced by great people is a great way to learn and become great yourself.

Enabling you to become aware of your artistic potential, directing you to be a useful resource personnel in the academic and business field that demands artistic balance and capacity to innovate. This course will develop specialists as well as multi-disciplinary skilled personnel into a more independent, studio practitioner.

message from Shyamala Pinto Jayawardena

Founder of the Academy of Fine Arts,
Principal of the Shyamala School of Arts.