Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts

For the first time in Sri Lanka a comprehensive Higher National Diploma (UK) in Art and Design, with a top up Bachelors degree (UK) is now available. The Academy of Fine Arts is an edexcel BTEC approved centre, offering a dynamic UK qualification applicable in today's competitive corporate world. Improving the learner's employability and skill set, the course is constructed to include a diverse skill development. During the course learner's will work alongside specialists in the corporate world acquiring practical expertise and building a professional network.

The Academy of Fine Arts is a partnering Organization of the Shyamala School of Art, which offers Sri Lankan O'Level and A'Level, as well as London O'Level and A'Level Art. The Academy of Fine Arts offers talented artists the opportunity to further their artistic education by going on to achieve a recognised Higher National Diploma, and the option of a top up Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Uniquely, the Academy aims to produce professionally qualified and creative innovators with high employability in recognised institutions and corporate firms. In this course learners will develop visual awareness, personal style, professional practice, knowledge of art history with an emphasis on expertise relevant in today's world, and work-based experience. AFA's academic staff are overseas qualified professionals with a high aptitude in their chosen field. In addition to the guidance provided by AFA lecturers, throughout the course the learners will work closely with proficient specialists in the industry gaining valuable work experience and building a professional network which in turn opens up opportunities in employment.

AFA enables one to become aware of one's artistic potential, directing one to be a useful resource persons in the academic and business field that demands artistic balance and the capacity to innovate. This course will develop specialists as well as multi-disciplinary skilled personnel into a more independent studio practitioner.

Make a choice to enjoy your career, push boundaries, raise standards, innovate, and lead. Be a pioneer.

"Make art, make good Art"


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