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Please list your educational history begining from all secondary schools, colleges and universities attended (E.g- GCE O/L, A/L and others such as art classes etc, even if they did not lead to a professional qualification.)

*Note: For international students - GCE O/L and A/L (General Certificate of Education - ordinary leve and advanced level) examinations are general education certificates accepted in Sri Lanka. If your general education qualification defers from this please enlist a standard examination within your country.

Name of school/ Institute


Subject / Unit / Module


Date of Completion


Please provide details of any relevant formal training you have received, including short courses seminars, workshops ect.

Date :

Institue / Oranization :

Insructor / Lecturer :

Skill Technique


please give us details of any relevant work experience you have gained, or artistic events / activities in which you have participated. For example it could be an exhibition where you have had your work displayed or it could be an artistic event that you have organized.

Year :

Exhibition / Installation / Event :

Venue / Organizer / Employer :

Description :


It is important that if you do have any medical conditions or disabilities, that you let us know for it is then that we can do our best to make provisions for you on campus if we do offer you a place. Please note that any information you give will NOT be used to assess your eligibility as a student.


This section gives you the opportunity to tell us a little about yourself. We want to know about your artistic ideas and creative abilities. Tell us why you wish to study Fine Art and how it will help you in your career. When we consider your application we will be looking at your potential as an artist and not just your academic achievements.


Completed application form in English

One passport sized colour photograph (recent)

Copy of your National passport and National Identity Card

Certified true copies of certificates and transcripts AND official English translations

Testimonial / Recommendation letters (if any)

Curriculum Vitae or Resume (if any)

A portfolio of 5 - 10 pieces of work. These images must be submitted digitally on a CD.


Please be aware that providing us with false results or fake certificates will lead to you being refused entry into the Academy. It is also considered a criminal offense. If you do feel that your qualification might not meet our entry requirements, please contact us for advice. Remember that we will be assessing creative ability as much as academc ability, and for exceptionalliy gifted students we may be able to accept alternative academic qualifications.

  • I confirm that the information provided by me is complete and correct, and all attached documents are genuine, and all given results are true.
  • I confirm that all submitted portfolio material is genuine and is my own work.
  • I agree that AFA may verify all details and qualifications provided.
  • I acknowledge that AFA reserves the right to change or vary any decision regarding admission to the Academy if any details or qualifications subsequently prove to be incorrect or false.